Lincoln Park: of ferries, berries, and beaches.

By July 22nd, 2019

I needed a break from my adventuring. However, my restlessness leaves me wanting for the outside. I thought, perhaps, something local may check both boxes. There is a park a few blocks away from home that I can get to with a short bus ride. It has trails for walking, and a nice pebbly beach where you can cool your feet. There are trees and flowers everywhere. You can grab a bench, or a log to sit on and soak up the sun. You can close your eyes and listen to the gentle lapping of waves, the amiable chatter of people walking by, and then you hear a boat horn honking just across the water.

White berries not your jam? Paint them red.
Looks like summer has come and went

It’s still a nice place to spend some time, even on a cool, foggy day. Sometimes, you may only have half a day free and a few hours to yourself. Maybe you just did not feel like getting behind the wheel of your car and get on the road for more than 2 hours away and back. In any case, it’s a good place to hang out and spend some time with your tree friends. Also, I hear there’s a good dim sum place just a short walk away.

Gnarly tree friends