Of Shiny Things and New Experiences

By January 1st, 2019

Now that we have slept off most of our New Year’s Eve hangover and dusted the glitter and confetti from pretty much everything and everywhere, time to check on our social media and retrace our steps and check for any potential regrettable posts and incriminating photos/videos/snapchats. After we have breathed a sigh of relief/ recovered from the initial shock/aftertaste of any bad decisions from the night before, we notice (or not) there’s yet another blog that’s been launched on the internet. Yes, people! The Cheshire Trail’s blog is now live, up and running. It’s my shiny, new baby where I get to show and tell my adventures in the kitchen, my city, and the world!!!

Why “The Cheshire Trail”? Well, I’m a big fan of Lewis Carroll’s Alice and her adventures in Wonderland. I grew up reading the book in grade school. Repeatedly. I played a bit part in our version of the story in high school. I played both EA Games version of the video game. I watched the Disney cartoon and the Tim Burton movies. I was (and remain to be) fascinated by Alice’s adventures and quite frankly, if I encountered a looking glass doorway or a rabbit hole that led to the place, I would not hesitate to jump in.

The Cheshire Cat character, to me, is representative of adventure, getting lost, finding your way, sage advice, confusing clues. All things one can encounter throughout life’s many adventures. This blog will be my trail. And like the grinning cat to the girl, I will be showing you places, things, and experiences along the way. Come join me and let’s get delightfully lost together while we constantly stop and smell the flowers in the garden. Bring your bug spray, just in case. Those bread-and-butterflies can be quite annoying sometimes.