Look Closer, There Are Still Things to See

By April 26th, 2020
We are told to stay home. To a leaver of trails such as myself, this is problematic. I thrive on being able to explore. Outside is the best place to explore for me. Inside, there is little space, too many familiar things, and not enough for exploring. But then, I realize, what if I look at familiar things in an unfamiliar way? I imagine myself shrunk down to the size of a pea. What if I was half an inch tall? The tiniest of space would be a great adventure. I saw so many new sights looking in and peering closer at the most familiar things.
One of the many plastic legs of a toy.
I can keep looking out the window from the inside and see the same building, the same trees, the same skateboarder doing kick flips in the parking lot every afternoon. Not much of an adventure for me. I have walked those sidewalks to and from work before. I know them too well. The paths traced along this piece of shiny rock, however, I would likely find awesome and magical. I can imagine myself traipsing about, down, down, down into the center.
Bismuth my heart! What secrets are hidden within?
Dragon scales made of wood? Dare I step closer? Is that you, Jabberwocky? And here I am without a Vorpal blade. I must be brave and approach. The most menacing scaled creature turns out to be but a harmless pine cone.
Dragon scales of wood, indeed!
A pale island full of holes and tunnels. I wonder if they were dug by mole people. They look like tiny rabbit holes I must jump into and explore. Are there lands other than the one beyond the looking glass? Perhaps one of these holes would lead me to a shortcut and I can finally catch up with that darn waistcoat-wearing, pocket watch-carrying white rabbit.
Just pick a hole and jump right in.
I seldom spare a though to the green moss on the ground other than to remark on its squishyness. If I can not venture out into the woods outside, perhaps getting lost in the web of green in here would be just as interesting. I also stand as much chance of getting lost as I did one night on a water run to the river in the dark with nothing but bear spray and a headlamp.
Perhaps I can hack my way through and if I make enough noise, scare the critters away.
My thirst for exploring has been sated for now. But we are still stuck inside. I should not complain. For just me being alive enough to experience this (hopefully) most minor of inconveniences is blessing enough as it is. The adventures will still be there when this is over. I must survive long enough to make it to then. Stay safe and healthy, everyone!